Resin Surfacing Experts

Looking for an alternative to block paving or tarmac driveways?

Look no further! Our experienced team at Broadoak Paving can design, manufacture and install a Resin Surface using high quality UV-stable resins and a special blend of aggregates.

More and more homeowners are taking advantage of the advanced properties of resin surfaces for their driveways, patios and paths.

The results are outstanding, with a beautiful finish and long-lasting durability that can only be achieved using this type of material and installation.

Choice of resin aggregate

We offer a choice of resin aggregate colours and styles, to match any property. Stone sizes can range from 1mm to 10mm depending on the type of stone.

If you don't see a colour that you like below, give us a call on 0800 046 3380 as we have many more varieties available.

What is resin bound?

Resin Bound is a mixture of naturally sourced, dried stones and a strong durable resin, with UV stable option. Once the dry stones and resin are mixed, the resulting compound is poured and hand trowelled onto the driveway to create an attractive, seamless, smooth finish.

Our naturally sourced stones are a mixture of aggregates including gravel, shingle, quartz and crushed granite. The stones can be angular or smooth and come in a variety of sizes, from 1 to 5mm pieces. They are also available in an array of colours. Choose from a single colour or a blend of complementary shades.

'Resin Bound' or 'Resin Bonded'?

Although they sound very similar in name, there are some crucial differences.

  • Resin Bound Driveways
    With this technique the resin and aggregate are mixed prior to application. The mixture is laid evenly and dries to a very solid and highly uniform finish and texture. There is with the added advantage of the drive remaining completely permeable, making it safer and longer lasting.
  • Resin Bonded Driveways
    With this approach resin is applied over the driveway, followed by aggregate pressed into the upper surface. This can often lead to loose chippings and an uneven finish. There is the further disadvantage that water will no longer permeate the drive, leading to pooling on the surface.

At Broadoak Paving we offer all types of resin surfacing, although we consider the 'Resin Bonded' approach to be slightly inferior.

Achieving a professional resin surface

Although resin surfacing is offered by many companies, not all of them carry the right equipment to correctly mix and lay the compound.

In our experience, we have found a 'forced action mixer' is the only sufficient way to get the right mix of resin and aggregate. This type of mixer has additional paddles that are driven through the mixing pan to deliver a far superior finish.

Why choose resin driveways?

A resin surface is ideal most commonly used for driveways, car parks, pathways, terraces, courtyards and swimming pool surrounds.

Stunning effects can be achieved because of the flexibility of this product and the endless possibilities allowed by the colour combinations. Our resin bound driveways are expertly designed, installed and finished by hand.

The main benefits of a Broadoak resin bound driveway:-

  • Perfectly smooth finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Rapid installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No unsightly joins
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Anti slip surface
  • Many colour combinations
  • Adaptable to curves and shapes
  • No fading due to optional UV-stable resin
  • Resistant to petrol, diesel and oil
  • Resistant to weed growth
  • No loose stones
  • Permeable surface

Ask our resin bound experts today for more information - 0800 046 3380.