Local Installers of Artificial Grass & Natural Turf

Natural Grass

Turf is often required where an existing lawn has become damaged or where a landscaped area is being expanded. We can supply high quality natural turf and lay it to precise standards.

Re-laying of turf is often recommended when existing grass is in very poor condition. Grass can deteriorate for a number of reasons - damaged by pets, overgrown with weeds or perhaps moss has taken over. You may have tried lawn treatments and feeds but found nothing has worked to a satisfactory degree. Ground can sometimes become uneven after bad weather resulting in high and low spots.

Your only option may be to have a new lawn laid, so let the experienced and knowledgeable team from Broadoak advise you on what is required to achieve the best, longest lasting results.

Artificial Grass

We have a wide range of artificial grass to suit a variety of uses, tastes and budgets. Whether you want to create a multi-functional family garden for both rest and play, a relaxing zen-like space for your business or just ensure your garden looks stunning all year round - there’s an artificial grass that’s right for you.

Our artificial grass is ISO Certified and each artificial grass installation comes with a 10-year warranty. It looks and feels like natural grass, with the advantage of no mowing, no feeding, no watering and no mud. It’s also pet friendly so it really is perfect for any outdoor space.

We are independent suppliers and installers so can source the best products to suit your project.

We set ourselves very high standards of workmanship, using only the highest quality materials.